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Knitting update

4 Sep

I’ve been doing quite a bit of knitting lately since I have more free time. After I finished my Old Shale Scarf, I didn’t have anything on the needles, and since then I’ve been hit with a mild case of start-itis. Continue reading

FO Friday!

30 Jul

I saw in passing on a knitting blog (unfortunately I can’t remember where) a feature called “WIP Wednesdays,” which I thought sounded like a good idea for a recurring feature. One, because I write about multiple topics on this blog and some people might not be interested in all topics, so having a regular schedule would be useful for them. And two, because I liked the alliteration. “WIP,” for the non-knitters, means “work in progress” and just means a project that we’re currently working on. However, I didn’t get a chance to write anything on Wednesday due to being at the Handheld Librarian Conference all day, and then on Thursday my WIP became a FO (Finished Object)! So here’s a FO that I am very excited to be done knitting:

Knitted scarf in old shale pattern

Continue reading