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I won!

29 Oct

I usually don’t have very much luck with contests or raffles, but I can’t seem to resist entering them anyway. Hey, you can’t win if you don’t play, right? So I was very pleasantly surprised to learn this week that I won the first contest over at First Page Panda!

I blogged about First Page Panda when it was first introduced, but I wanted to give everyone another nudge to go check it out. The concept is pretty cool: they post the first page of new and upcoming children’s and YA titles. It’s a great way for authors to get exposure for their work, and a great way for readers/librarians/teachers to learn about interesting new titles.

The book I won is a YA historical novel called Prisoners in the Palace by Michaela McColl. It’s about a 16-year old lady’s maid to Princess Victoria in 1838. You can read the first page and description over at First Page Panda. My plan is to write up a brief review here after I’ve read it, so stay tuned.

Thoughts on eBooks

29 Sep

There are so many conversations going on right now about ebooks that it is hard to keep up. I’ve been thinking about ebooks and ereaders a lot over the past week or so, since attending the Pacific Library Partnership’s Future of Libraries 6.0 conference at the San Francisco Public Library last week. I’m not going to rehash everything that was said at the conference here. If you are interested, the Librarian in Black has a great recap of all the sessions. Continue reading

First Page Panda

28 Aug

Attention YA, children’s, and school librarians! My friend Anna Staniszewski, an author of middle-grade books, and her colleague Alisa Libby are launching a new blog to promote new YA literature. It’s called First Page Panda and will give authors a platform to share the first page of new and upcoming books. According to their announcement:

At First Page Panda, our goal is to offer a free outlet for book promotion where readers can browse book blurbs and read first pages of a wide variety of YA and children’s novels—not just the top-selling mainstream titles that crowd the shelves of the average chain bookstore.

I think this is a great idea, and I love that they are helping to promote books by less well-known authors. This new website will be an excellent resource for school and YA librarians to keep track of upcoming new titles that they might want to add to their collections. The site is planned to launch in September. Bookmark it now!