My name is Amanda, and I’m a new librarian interested in academic libraries, Anthropology and Archaeology, and information literacy instruction.

Marginalia are notes written in the margins of books. These can be comments, annotations, notes, asides, scribbles, doodles, or anything else that occurred to the reader to jot down (or the copyist, for medieval manuscripts). They can be amusing, enlightening, irrelevant, silly, or occasionally evidence of brilliant insight. This blog comprises my marginal notes for the web. While my focus is on libraries, librarianship, and information access and use, sometimes I will have other topics on my mind. Posts on knitting, music, or any subject that strikes my fancy will crop up from time to time. While I don’t expect to come up with any influential theorems, I hope my marginalia will be interesting and occasionally thought-provoking.

Although most posts consist of my musings on various topics related to libraries and librarianship and will be general in nature, I will probably end up talking about my experiences from time to time. This is not a blog about what I do at work, but I might mention my employer in the course of these musings. However, all posts are my own views and not those of my employer or any related organizations.

One note on my blog address: the name of my blog is “Marginalia”, but the address is marginalian.wordpress.com. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  1. marginalia was already taken for a wordpress blog. I knew I wasn’t being super original with the title, but wanted to keep it anyway because it fits well with how I think about what I’m doing here.
  2. The posts here are my marginalia for the web and for my life experiences. Since I am the writer of marginalia, I am the marginalian. Yes, I know it is not a real word. No, I do not care.
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