CPD23: Things 8&9: Google Calendar and Evernote

22 Jun

Once again, I’m going to combine two things into one to try to get caught up. Since both Thing 8 and Thing 9 are individual productivity tools, I should be able to handle them both in one post without getting too long-winded.

Thing 8 is Google Calendar. I love this tool! I’ve had a Google account for a while for email, but only within the past 5 or so years have I really started to take advantage of the other tools that Google provides. I love how easy it is to share calendars and add others’ calendars to your own. I am an officer with my library school’s joint student and alumni organization, SLISConnect, and we use a Google calendar that we share to keep track of meeting and events, which is very convenient since we do most of our work virtually. I also have my calendar set up to sync with my iPhone calendar, so changes I make to one are updated on the other, and I love the option to send myself alerts to make sure I don’t forget something I may have put on my schedule weeks ago.

Thing 9, Evernote, is another one of my favorite things. I’m actually using it to compose my blog posts before copying them to WordPress. I most often use it to take notes for blog posts or just for my own reference, but I’ve also used the web clipper (a browser add-on) to clip sections or images from websites and add notes or tags. I also like that you can make lists with checkboxes, which is convenient for grocery shopping or packing for trips, especially since I can sync with the iPhone app and have my list with me on the go. You can also share notes with others, so I can make a list for my husband to pick stuff up at Trader Joe’s after work. I haven’t used Evernote for professional collaboration yet – I’ve mostly used Google Docs for sharing notes – but depending on what you need to do it could be a more useful tool. I’ll have to explore some of the features I haven’t used yet to see if there are even more things it can help me do!

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