CPD23: Thing 2 – Meeting other participants

5 Jul

Despite my good intentions to keep up with the CPD23 schedule, I have fallen quite a bit behind. I left for the ALA Annual conference shortly after writing my last post, and things were a bit busier when I got back than I had anticipated. Hopefully I will be able to get back on track!

Thing 2 was to investigate other CPD23 participants’ blogs and comment on some of them, to start getting used to the “social” aspect of social media – having conversations rather than just posting your thoughts into the void. I’ve been commenting (sparingly) on blogs for years, so this was not so new to me. Commenting on posts that have gotten you to think about something in a different way, or that just interest you for whatever reason, is a great way to get your feet wet with blogging. Comment on enough posts and you start to realize that hey, maybe you do have something to say and starting your own blog doesn’t seem like such a silly idea.

There are hundreds of participants in the CPD23 program, so it would be impossible to read each and every person’s blog. Fortunately, the organizers have thoughtfully tagged each blog in delicious by country and type of library, so it is easier to narrow down the options if you are so inclined. I read through a few people’s introductory CPD23 posts and commented on a few that particularly struck a chord with me:

  • Angela Pashia – I already “knew” Angela from twitter; we both particpate in the weekly #libchat twitter chat on Wednesday evenings (8PM Eastern/5PM Pacific).
  • The Annotating Librarian – I was drawn to this blog by the name, and stuck around to comment because her reasons for participating echoed mine pretty closely.
  • Web Librarian – I thought I posted on this one but I guess I forgot to hit submit. Coral specifically invited us to engage in conversation with her, so that appealed to me. Maybe I can successfully comment on one of her posts in the future.
Mostly, I was struck by how many of us had similar reasons for participating in this program: we aren’t new to social media, but are ready and willing to learn more. We like the idea of doing this in a structured way, and hope it helps to combat procrastination. Hopefully over the next few weeks I will get a chance to visit more of my fellow participants’ blogs and enter into conversations about our experiences with the program.

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