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ALA 2011 Annual Conference: My plan

24 Jun

I find myself with some extra time before I leave for the ALA Annual Conference in New Orleans, so I thought I’d jot down a quick post about my schedule in case anyone is going to the same events and wants to say hi. Due to alarm clock issues, I missed my 5:40 AM flight this morning. Luckily, the United Airlines agent at the ticket desk was able to rebook me on a later flight. I’m so grateful for this since nearly everything was all booked up. So, I’m now leaving this afternoon and will arrive just after midnight. Find me tomorrow around the conference center – I’ll be the groggy one with the extra-large coffee.

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CPD23: 23 Things for Professional Development, Thing 1

24 Jun
I’ve made a last-minute decision to participate in the 23 Things for Professional Development program, which begins this week. Several people have mentioned it on twitter, and it looks like an interesting experience. The first “thing” is to start a blog. Since I already have one, I’ll be using this blog to participate in the program.
Looking at the list of 23 things, I’m already pretty familiar with many of them from my “Information Technology Tools and Applications” course for my MLIS. So why am I doing this program? There are several reasons:

  • There are some topics that I do not know as much about and would like to learn more, such as personal branding and advocacy.
  • I certainly don’t know everything about any topic, so I could always learn something new, even about the topics I think I know well already.
  • There are a lot of people participating, so I may make some new connections. Everyone who’s participating is listed here.
  • I’d like to get in the habit of blogging regularly since I’ve let this blog slip a bit. This program could give me the structure I need to make that happen.

I think it’s important to keep learning even though I’m done with school. Sometimes it can be difficult to make time to do this on your own, however. I think that this program, with its weekly schedule and assignments, will be a good way to remedy this problem. I look forward to the next “thing”!