Knitting update

4 Sep

I’ve been doing quite a bit of knitting lately since I have more free time. After I finished my Old Shale Scarf, I didn’t have anything on the needles, and since then I’ve been hit with a mild case of start-itis. I now have 3 works-in-progress, which is a lot for me – I usually tend to be more of a monogamous knitter. I cast on for my first sweater right after finishing the scarf, with some nice tweedy aran-weight yarn that I got on sale at my LYS.

My in-progress knitted sweater, in an oatmeal tweed wool yarn.

I have finished the body and one sleeve, but the recent hot weather has gotten in the way of sleeve #2. This sweater will eventually have a cowl neck, which is why the neckline looks so unfinished at the moment.

Then I started going to a local knitting group and decided I needed something less bulky to bring with me, so I started a Clapotis, which is a very popular scarf/wrap pattern that is pretty easy to work on while chatting with other people.

My unfinished Clapotis scarf, in a variegated purple, black, and grey yarn.

Clapotis in progress

It doesn’t look like much right now, since I just started the straight section (the scarf is knit on the diagonal).

And before I had gotten too far into these projects, I heard about the 7 small shawls ebook by Rosemary Hill on the Knitmore Girls podcast, and they discussed possibly doing a knit-along. Well, the knit-along has been launched and I have started the first shawl, Merope. It is perfect since I’ve been getting a little bit tired of having only stockinette-heavy, knitting-group-friendly projects to work on. Merope is a bit of a challenge to me as a new knitter, but I am enjoying it so far.

The beginnings of my Merope shawl, in a wine-colored sock-weight yarn.

This pattern requires my full concentration so I don’t get lost in the chart, so I only work on this at home.

The other development in my continuing progress as a knitter is the beginnings of a possible addiction to nice yarns. This was made possible through a Visa gift card I got for Christmas last year and a bunch of sales at my LYS and online. In the past I have tried not to purchase yarn unless I have a project in mind for it. I did get some yarn as gifts for which I don’t yet have projects picked out, but in general I am trying not to have an out-of-control yarn stash. But I couldn’t resist when my LYS had a big 75% off sale this summer. In my defense, I wanted to try my first sweater and I figured if the yarn was 75% off it wouldn’t be as tragic if I messed it up. But I couldn’t resist getting some gorgeous, soft variegated alpaca yarn in reds and oranges as well. I think I know what I’m going to use it for, but I didn’t really need it.

Then, I decided to make the 7 small shawls and realized I don’t have as much sock yarn as I thought. So, off the the yarn store for more yarn – the one I’m using for the Merope and a nice yellow merino for the next shawl in the book, Maia. But honestly, do I really need 7 shawls?? And then this happened:

Yarn I purchased online - Malabrigo worsted and lace, plus extra goodies.

One of the hosts of a knitting podcasts I listen to, The Knitting Show, owns an online yarn shop. On the most recent podcast she talked about how she needs to close up the shop since she is too busy now to run it, so she is having a big sale to get ride of stock. She mentioned that no one seemed to be buying the red-orange Malabrigo worsted, which was too bad since it’s such a nice color. I visited the site, Flocks of Yarn, and I agreed. It’s not a color I usually wear, but I’ve been hearing so many nice things about Malabrigo and wanted to try it. Plus I need to get over my fear of color. So I bought 6 skeins! I’m going to make a sweater. And of course I couldn’t resist the lace weight yarn on the bottom left. It has a nice subtle variegation of shades of muted orange (well, muted in comparison to the worsted!). I figure one of my 7 shawls would look good in this yarn, right?

Also, check out the extra goodies I got in the package with my yarn. I didn’t order them, but I got a nice project bag, a Flocks of Yarn magnet, and some samples of Eucalan wool wash. I think it is a thank you for alerting the shop owner of an error with the prices on the sale items on her site. Which was entirely self-serving since I wanted to place an order, so no thanks are necessary. But they are certainly appreciated! I really needed a project bag for bringing my projects to knitting group, and I’ve been meaning to try the wool wash. Thanks Deirdre!

However, you can see the problem here, right? I am trying to make sure I still know what I’m doing with all the yarn and not just collecting. But it is filling up two rubbermaid containers at the moment which is a bit ridiculous in this tiny apartment. I think somebody needs to stop me.


2 Responses to “Knitting update”

  1. Robin Hastings October 25, 2010 at 5:01 am #

    My advice to you, in all seriousness, is to buy more stackable yarn bins (the slide out kind you get at Walmart or Target are perfect. They can go in an unused corner and can be stacked pretty high – depending on your height. As you’ve seen, the urge to buy new yarn is nearly overwhelming, you will succumb and having a place to put it makes it less guilt-inducing.
    I’m on my second clapotis (made with yarn I just happened to have in my stash…) and can agree that they are great, fun, mindless knits for when you are out doing other things. Enjoy!

    • amandag October 25, 2010 at 9:32 am #

      Thanks for the advice! I have since indulged in more yarn purchases (it was a good sale!) so I will probably need to invest in better storage solutions soon.

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