FO Friday!

30 Jul

I saw in passing on a knitting blog (unfortunately I can’t remember where) a feature called “WIP Wednesdays,” which I thought sounded like a good idea for a recurring feature. One, because I write about multiple topics on this blog and some people might not be interested in all topics, so having a regular schedule would be useful for them. And two, because I liked the alliteration. “WIP,” for the non-knitters, means “work in progress” and just means a project that we’re currently working on. However, I didn’t get a chance to write anything on Wednesday due to being at the Handheld Librarian Conference all day, and then on Thursday my WIP became a FO (Finished Object)! So here’s a FO that I am very excited to be done knitting:

Knitted scarf in old shale pattern

This is called the Old Shale Scarf, and the pattern is by Tiennie on Ravelry. I am so glad to be finished knitting this at last – not because it’s not enjoyable, but because I have been working on it for so long! Unfortunately, since I was just knitting this for myself and for no particular reason, it got pushed aside quite a few times for me to make gifts for people or time-sensitive projects. Because of this, this scarf has the distinction of being my first experience with lace but not my first completed lace project! However, it earns a special place for teaching me:

  1. I love knitting lace! I love how even patterns that are really easy look complicated and impressive in the final object. This scarf is in a standard lace pattern known as old shale. It is just the same four rows repeated over and over, and only one of those rows has anything besides straight knitting and purling. Easy! But look how pretty. It inspired me to knit a lace shawl to wear to a wedding in a slightly more complicated pattern. I can’t wait to knit more.
  2. A new word – “tink.” I love this word, although not necessary what it refers to. To tink something is to knit it backwards – and notice that the word “tink” is actually “knit” spelled backwards. Clever! Now, like I said, this pattern is not particularly complicated. However, I brought it on the train and the plane a couple of times and apparently that was enough distraction that I forgot to turn my row counter a few times, and consequently knit the same row twice. More than once. The first time I didn’t notice until I had knit another 5 inches or so. Yikes! And since it was lace I didn’t trust myself to figure out which stitches went to which row in order to put in a lifeline and frog back. So I learned to tink. For five inches of scarf. Not the most exciting undertaking, and very frustrating.
  3. Not to use pins when blocking the straight edge of a scarf. I’m sure you can see the points on the long edge in the photo above. I’m not super concerned because it’s just a scarf, but I definitely need to get blocking wires.

Overall, I’m very happy with it. It’s July, so I probably won’t get to wear it for a while (although the nights have been unseasonably cold lately), but it’s nice to have a fancier-looking scarf for the winter.

Blue and purple scarf knit in the old shale pattern, modeled by Amanda.

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